Who We Are

We are GFR Agency, a nationwide recruitment company specialising in providing full time, part time, adhoc and temporary staff to companies all around the UK. We provide staff to a variety of companies stretching across a multitude of different industries such as construction, hospitality, corporate, public sector jobs and many more. Our deep understanding of the recruitment industry assists us in providing only the best staff for the most specific of jobs.

What We Do

Jobs transform lives, which is why we’re so passionate about providing job opportunities to people from all walks of life, whether you require bar staff, admin staff, cleaners, chefs or other professions – we can find the right job or candidate for you. We’re determined to make businesses more successful by helping them secure the personnel they need.

Assist Employers

Is your company looking for new recruits? If not, then look no further! At GFR Agency It is our direct objective to ensure that employers only get the very best talent and the correct personnel to help their business grow and expand. Our thorough assessment and screening process ensures that we find a candidate who meets your criteria, but also ensures that you get a worker who will fit in well at your work place, and somebody who will enjoy working for you. After all, who wants an unhappy worker?

What We Offer

We manage our workforce daily.  We provide skilled laborers to construction sites and can provide operatives in short notice.
From CCTV operatives to out of hours manned guarding, we can offer you a flexible security solution. Our officers are all trained and licenced.
Do you require call center operatives, Sales, finance and marketing officers? We can also aid with general office staff.

Delivering The Best
Solutions To Our Clients